Neck & Back Pain

Many patients come to our office with primary complaints below the neck.  We can and do make a big difference in their symptoms.

Craniocervical dysfunction causing misalignment at the top of the spine, or upper cervical area, will structurally shift the human frame in every joint below, causing many patients to present with postural distortions such as head tilt, high shoulder, high hip, and a short leg.  Structurally, the top of the spine cannot move without causing a chain reaction of movement below. When the top of the spine, or atlas, goes out of alignment, everything shifts. When we put the area back into proper alignment, everything shifts. Neurologically, misalignment in the atlas region can affect the reticular formation of the brainstem, which is the postural center of the brain.  Irritation to this area can be a neurologic cause of postural distortion.

Aligning the top of the neck allows the rest of the spine to further align, and removes possible irritation to the reticular formation.   Very little is needed in terms of correction in other areas of the spine once the atlas is aligned correctly. If additional therapy is needed in other areas of the spine/body/muscles, those areas will respond better and faster when the atlas is in alignment first.

We have helped patients with pain, numbness and tingling in the head, neck, upper back, low back, arms, legs, hips, etc.  We do not ignore the rest of the body by focusing on the top of the spine first. We make a more complete correction for the whole body.  Chances are, we can help you too!

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