What is Atlas Orthogonal?

And how does an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment work?

While Dr. Griffin’s basic training is as a chiropractor, she has never practiced general chiropractic. Instead, she chose to pursue a Board Certification in Atlas Orthogonal procedures, which has allowed her the ability to assess and care for a broader range of severe dysfunctions and complex misalignments of the craniocervical junction. Beyond Board Certification, extensive post-graduate training in craniocervical dysfunction in relation to craniocervical biomechanics and anatomy, advanced imaging and the application of Atlas Orthogonal procedures has fine tuned Dr. Griffin’s work like that of no other doctor in the region.

Atlas Orthogonal procedures utilize no manual manipulation. The Atlas Orthogonal doctor will evaluate the patient extensively for craniocervical misalignment and dysfunction. That is, the patient will be evaluated for misalignment of the atlas vertebra, or first cervical bone. The Atlas Orthogonist will take a series of Pre X-rays, which allows the doctor to assess the condition of the spine, determine if the patient is safe to adjust, and allows for in depth analysis and measurement of joint surfaces, angles and degrees of misalignment, and vectors of correction. The Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is done by a very gentle instrument within the normal range of motion of the joint, and can more completely correct a broad range of complex cases and symptoms due to the high level of precision and mechanical advantage of the approach. No rotation or “pop” joint cavitation occurs with an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment. Post X-rays are done immediately after the first adjustment in order to evaluate the success of the adjustment and to screen for additional improvements in the correction. Patients do not need X-rays before each adjustment after the initial visit except in extenuating circumstances. Many patients are referred to the Atlas Orthogonal doctor’s office by other chiropractors, dentists, and medical doctors, however referral is not a requirement to become a patient of this office.

Extensive post-graduate training in craniocervical dysfunction augments and compliments the Atlas Orthogonal approach, and has allowed Dr. Griffin to sharpen her skill in helping patients every day in practice. Continued study in this area has allowed Dr. Griffin a greater understanding of soft tissue, bone, and ligamentous structure of the cervical spine, and has opened up the avenue of advanced X-ray and MRI imaging interpretation that can now be used as a mainstay in patient care.

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