Menieres, ringing ear, tinnitusVertigo is the feeling that one is spinning, or the things around you are spinning. It affects up to 10% of people under age 40. Over this age, 40% of people are afflicted by vertigo. It made up just under 3% of the reasons for going to the emergency room during 1995-2004. It affects all sorts of people, even international golf stars, such as Jason Day from Australia.

Those of the medical community do not know of a definitive cause of vertigo. They do know that it involves the vestibular system. This system is a small part of the central nervous system that is made up of the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of vertigo happen when crystals and fluid of the inner ear send messages to the central nervous system and for some reason these messages are inaccurate.

Vertigo is Well-Known

Many have become aware of vertigo due to a recent incident in the sporting industry. Jason Day, mentioned above, collapsed during the second day of the US Open, stating vertigo as the reason. Surprisingly, he still managed to score an impressive 6 under par (66), which was only one stroke away from the top contender. He is currently being treating by medication so that he can continue to compete.

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What Can Be Done?

At Precision Chiropractic West, we have seen a number of success stories in treating our patients who have vertigo through natural means. We focus our attention on making sure the atlas bone, the top vertebra in the neck, is properly aligned. This is also called the C1 vertebra. The C1 has a definite impact on balance issues if it is not properly aligned because it is related to the Eustachian tube of the ear.

In a clinical study, 60 vertigo patients received care from an upper cervical chiropractor. Of them, 48 saw symptoms completely go away. The last 12 reported a decrease in the severity of vertigo symptoms.


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