Vertigo, Dizziness, Dizzy, MenieresOne thing researchers agree on when it comes to the human body is that it is complex, and it works as a whole component. This means that if one thing in the body is not functioning as it should, other body parts may also not work properly.

Imagine someone beginning to draw a straight line and someone else steps in and moves the paper just a tiny bit. The line would no longer be straight. This is similar to what happens when the head and neck get injured. Misalignments from injuries lead to problems with the ears and the way the body balances itself.

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The atlas and axis, which are the top two bones of the vertebrae, are susceptible to misalignments. If they are misaligned only by ¼ of a millimeter, the entire body is thrown off. The weight of the head, at 10 – 14 pounds, causes the body to compensate for the misalignment. The brain works overtime to keep the eyes level at the horizon but continues to be thrown off by the misalignment in the neck. This leads to various complications throughout the body.

  • The brainstem begins to be hindered in its communication process. Signals to and from the brain and body become distorted.
  • The entire body can become misaligned.
  • Pressure sensors in the neck are not sending the right signals.
  • Cranial nerves that send messages to the brainstem from the ears for balance are being hindered.
  • Pressure being put on the brainstem due to the misalignment can affect the flow of blood to the brain leading to dizziness, vertigo, and disequilibrium.

Getting Back into Alignment

Seeking the care of an upper cervical chiropractor should be the next step for a person suffering from vertigo or dizziness. We focus on making sure the atlas and axis bones are aligned properly. If it is discovered that a misalignment is actually present, we will begin making gentle adjustments to bring the body back to functioning at the right level. This will allow healing to begin. Many have reported a remission of their vertigo symptoms after entrusting us with their care.

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