Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always TiredChronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) is a complex disorder that still remains a bit of a mystery to the medical community.  It is characterized by extreme fatigue that does not improve with rest.  People who are ultimately diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndromes have likely endured a battery of testing to rule out any underlying medical condition.  This can be a long, frustrating process for someone who is just looking for answers as to why even the simplest daily task can seem impossible to accomplish.

Recent reports based on a National Health Service study conducted in the UK state a possible increased risk of suicide in people living with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Many times, cfs sufferers are hesitant to visit their doctors in fear that their condition will be viewed as more of a mental illness rather than a physical one.  While there were acknowledged limitations to the study, it does highlight the connection of chronic fatigue syndrome with the depression and changes in mental health that accompany the condition.

Traditional treatment goals for chronic fatigue syndrome are mostly aimed at taming symptoms.  What this typically looks like is a variety of medications used to address the pain, sleep troubles, and headaches.

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Fibromyalgia treatment West Des Moines Iowa

At Precision Chiropractic West, we take a different approach.  We look for disruptions in normal nervous system function caused by specific misalignments of the upper vertebrae in the neck.  The Atlas Orthogonal technique allows for extremely specific and gentle adjustments, and the correction and improvements are easy to measure.

Even though the exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome has not been pinpointed, we are able to see remarkable results by taking the pressure off of the brainstem and allowing the nervous system to regain normal function.  If you’re tired of just chasing your symptoms around with different pills, schedule your free 15-minute consultation to see if Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care holds the promise you’ve been looking for.




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