Troy Aikman, Migraines, Headaches, Migraine, Headache, Natural ReliefTroy Aikman is an acclaimed former NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys. During his career, he led his team to many outstanding achievements including 3 Super Bowl victories. However, off the field Aikman was not as successful trying to beat migraines.

You can watch this video about Aikman’s fight with migraines and his use of the medication Imitrex. The main problem with migraine medications is that they do not prevent migraines. They merely cover the symptoms. Also, Imitrex and other migraine medications come with a bunch of side effects.

We know that pharmaceutical companies are businesses, and they need to turn a profit. That’s why you constantly see ads on TV and the Internet encouraging you to ask your doctor about a particular medication. It is a competitive industry with thousands of different types of drugs being prescribed legally throughout the country.

Here’s a question for the pharmaceutical industry. Is it better to treat migraine pain or treat the condition causing them? From a business standpoint, pharmaceutical companies obviously make more money from treating symptoms rather than curing the disease.

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Natural relief of migraines in West Des Moines Iowa

Ending the Migraine Cycle

Rather than adding chemicals to your body in order to take away migraine pain, why not seek out a natural solution that may be able to completely eliminate your headaches? Upper cervical chiropractors won’t get rich off of helping resolve migraines, but we run our practices differently than pharmaceutical companies do. You only get the treatment you need. There are no harmful side effects.

Dr. Laurel Griffin of West Des Moines, Iowa uses specialized diagnostic tools to examine your upper neck for misalignments. These misalignments can cause migraines by putting pressure on the brainstem. Once the misalignment is identified, a treatment plan can be personalized to meet your needs.

Dr. Griffin specializes in treating migraines using this method. Before you refill that migraine prescription, see if upper cervical chiropractic care can fix your problem altogether.

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