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Sleep quality significantly affects the function of the body.  Sleep time is a “recharge” time, similar to that​ of a cell phone with a low battery.  When the battery is low or goes flat, the cell phone doesn’t work.  If a person doesn’t sleep or doesn’t sleep well, function of the body suffers in the same way.  This causes such problems as difficulty thinking, headaches, exhaustion, decreased immunity, and a decreased ability to heal.  Some patients feel an all over achiness from an inability to rest properly.

Many patients find relief with prescription drugs, but some of these can be dangerous to the liver and kidneys.  A more natural approach may be a logical step in the search for relief from sleeplessness.

Many times, difficulty sleeping can be linked to a misalignment at the top of the spine.   The top bone of the neck, called the “atlas”, is a part of a very freely movable joint that can misalign quite easily.  This bone directly articulates with the vertebral artery as it enters into the cranium and the nerves as they branch off the brainstem at the base of the skull.  When this bone misaligns, one or more of these structures relating to the brain can be irritated and compromised.  This “short circuit” often interferes with the brain’s ability to shut down for sleep.

It is quite simple and painless to correct this misalignment.  My patients enjoy gentle, very precise correction of misalignment with no twisting or popping of the neck or back.  I use a technique called Atlas Orthogonality, and I am one of only approximately 375 doctors worldwide who are Board Certified to perform this technique.

You may already know that I was a fibromyalgia and migraine patient myself, and that I no longer suffer from either of these conditions.  I got my atlas realigned using this technique, and aside from recovery from migraines and fibromyalgia,  the biggest “side effect” I experienced from my Atlas Orthogonal experience was that I suddenly slept like a baby.  My brain is now able to shut down comfortably at night and I don’t lay awake worrying for hours.  I wake well rested and comfortable – something I hadn’t done in years.  I have noticed that many of my patients who originally came in for migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, neck/back pain, allergies, etc. also report to me that, after undergoing atlas orthogonal treatment, they have the best night of sleep they’ve had in years.  Some have even been able to stop taking sleep aids and prescription pain medication.  Part of this is a decrease or elimination of pain in these patients.  Part of it is the removal of the “short circuit” near the brain.

Dr. Laurel Griffin, DC, BCAO[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]