Sinus Pressure, Headaches, Migraines

Is it a Sinus Problem or a Misdiagnosed Condition?

According to the AAO-HNSF (an organization of ear, nose, and throat specialists), Americans spend $5.8 billion annually on sinus treatments. When the sinuses fail to drain properly, it can result in chronic health problems, allergies, pain, colds, fatigue, and other issues.

Do you have chronic sinus problems? What do you use to try and keep them under control? Treatments range from nasal steroids and decongestants to neti pots and herbal remedies. About half a million people per year in the US even resort to sinus surgery.

Did you know, though, that some researchers estimate 9 in 10 sinus conditions are misdiagnosed and that many are actually a related head and neck condition?

Fatigue, Chronic Pain, and Your Sinuses

Many sinus patients often have problems with fatigue and pain. A university medical center might have stumbled upon the connection. In research involving 297 sinus patients, they discovered that 2 in 9 suffered from chronic pain with no explanation and another 1 in 9 suffered from unexplained chronic pain. Many were experiencing both conditions. What was the underlying problem?

Further research has revealed that the sinus issues, fatigue, and pain may all go back to the same underlying condition: A misalignment of the upper neck. How can this be?

Injuries and accidents can damage the connective tissue surrounding the neck and spine. When this occurs, the upper neck area is the most likely to become misaligned because it is the most vulnerable. This is because it moves the easiest. It’s great for being able to turn your head in every direction, but not so great for protecting the vertebrae from subluxation.

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Natural relief of migraines in West Des Moines Iowa

The problem is that a C1 or C2 misalignment can place pressure on the brainstem. This can result in varying problems, one of which is cortisol release dysfunction.

In fact, an upper cervical chiropractor, a medical doctor, and a psychiatrist teamed up for several years to research the connection between the upper neck and conditions such as chronic fatigue. The results showed that upper neck realignment improved everything from the patient’s general health to how they functioned in social situations. After just six months, the patients had normal cortisol readings again.

If you live in or near West Des Moines, Iowa, Dr. Laurel Griffin can examine your upper neck for misalignments that could be the real cause of your chronic health condition. Dr. Griffin is an upper cervical chiropractor and specializes in C1 and C2 realignment.


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