Ben Affleck, Migraines, Headaches, Migraine, HeadacheProductivity and life-quality can be severely affected by migraine headaches. Migraines are a very prevalent neurological condition in today’s society. They rank higher in the number of sufferers than diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy altogether.

People with migraines never have to feel like they are alone. Even those in the celebrity limelight have complaints of migraine headaches. Such professionals as sports figures, singers, and actors have issues with migraines. Here are some examples and how migraines have affected their performances.

  • Ben Affleck ended up in a hospital while directing a film in 2006. He had a severe migraine that he felt was caused by lack of sleep while producing the film. Migraines are more common in women, but six percent of men also suffer.
  • Serena Williams, a tennis professional, lost a tennis match due to the pain of a migraine that was in relation to her menstrual cycle. Sixty percent of females with migraines feel that they become more intense during their periods. A hormone change is probably the culprit.
  • Janet Jackson, known for singing, was forced to call off a number of concerts in 2008 because she was having vestibular migraines. Those that experience this type of a migraine also have dizziness or vertigo with them. About thirty percent of people that have migraines also have these symptoms.

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Natural relief of migraines in West Des Moines Iowa

A possible link between people who suffer from migraines, no matter who you are, may be a misalignment of the spine. Upper cervical chiropractors, like Dr. Laurel Griffin from West Des Moines, Iowa, can often help in this area. If there happens to be a misalignment in the C1 or C2 vertebrae (the upper two in the spine), they can be the cause of migraines. A misalignment here can hinder blood and oxygen flow and cause the nervous system not to work properly. Dr. Griffin uses specific adjustments only when necessary to correct this problem. Some migraine sufferers have seen relief in as little as one adjustment. This is a very gentle and effective treatment that may help migraine sufferers to regain some quality of life.


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