Vertigo Relief, Dizziness Relief, Dizzy, Meniere’s Relief, Vertigo, Dizziness, Meniere’s, Meniere's diseaseWhat exactly is Meniere’s disease? It is a malfunction of the inner ear that results in the following symptoms:

    • Vertigo: The sensation that the person or the things around him are spinning. Episodes may last 20 minutes to several hours and may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
    • Progressive hearing loss: This may be intermittent at first with some permanent hearing loss later on.
    • Tinnitus: This is the perception of ringing, roaring, whistling, hissing, or buzzing in the ear.
  • A feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear: This can also be felt on the sides of the head.
  • Usually, only one ear is affected.

Let’s take a closer look at the inner ear. It is quite complicated in its composition containing many passages that are lined with specific sensors that respond when there is fluid contained within the ear. When this fluid changes in volume, chemical composition, or pressure, it may lead to such conditions as Meniere’s.

The Tech Times recently published an article that suggests a possible reason for Meniere’s disease. Up to this point, none had been discovered. The article talks about research being done at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. They discovered a connection between Meniere’s disease and conditions that cause a reduction in blood flow to the brain, such as migraines. This reduction in blood flow may be the cause of Meniere’s disease. Can anything be done to increase blood flow to the brain?

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo download our complimentary e-book How to Naturally Relieve Vertigo without Drugs by clicking the image below.

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The Upper Cervical Chiropractic Connection to Reducing Vertigo

Upper cervical chiropractors have known for many years that the top two bones of the neck play a vital role in blood flow to and from the brain. These top two vertebrae of the neck, the atlas and axis, have a unique location and shape. A misalignment in either of these can cause pressure to be placed on the brainstem resulting in it not functioning at its optimum. Communication, as well as blood flow, to and from the brain and body are hindered.

At Precision Chiropractic West, we use a gentle, effective technique called Atlas Orthogonal to give our patients long-lasting relief from a number of health issues, potentially including vertigo brought on by Meniere’s disease. Many patients report success after receiving an adjustment.

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